Club Constitution

Adopted 16th May 1977. Amended 20th November, 1995 and 3rd April 2006 

1.     The Club shall be known as Keymer Folk Dance Club
2.     The aims of the club shall be to provide the knowledge and encourage the practice of
         traditional and contemporary folk dance and music in the local area.
3.     The affairs of the Club are to be conducted in accordance with those of a registered club of the 
         English folk Dance and Song Society.
4.      Membership of the Club shall be by payment of an annual subscription as fixed by an Annual  
         General Meeting of Members. A current list of Members shall be maintained by the Treasurer.
5.      An Annual General Meeting of Members shall be held each year in the month of April or May at  
         which only Club members are entitled to vote. Notice of AGM shall be given at least four weeks 
         prior to the meeting.
6.1.  The Committee shall consist of a maximum of nine Members and a minimum of five Members
         and the numbers are to include  a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. A quorum will consist of
         three Committee Members.
6.2.  The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members are to be elected by the Annual
         General meeting
6.3.  Nominees and their Proposers must be Members of Keymer Folk Dance Club.
6.4.  Nominations for Committee Members may be given either verbally at the Annual General  
        Meeting or in writing under Claus 6.6 below
6.5.  All nominees must agree to stand for election and must be proposed and seconded.
6.6   If a nominee, Proposer or Seconder is not able to be present at the Annual General Meeting,
        they should state this in writing to the Secretary before the meeting.
6.7.  Where two or more Nominees have beent duly proposed and seconded for Chairman, Secretary,
        Treasurer or Committee Member, a vote will be taken by paper ballot based on a simple
        majority. In the case of a tie, The chairman will cast the deciding vote.
6.8.  Elections to the Committee are for the period up to the next Annual General Meeting. Existing
         Committee Members are eligible for re-election and should follow the procedure given above.
6.9.  In the event of a retirement by any Member of the Committee, a Club Member may be co-opted
         to fill the vacancy of the Committee so desires. The Committee shall have the power of co-option
         for specific purposes.  
7.     An Account of the Club’s finances shall be kept, and an independently examined Statement of
        Accounts presented to the Annual General Meeting. The Club’s financial year is to run from 1st
        April on year to 31st March the following year.
8.    Committee Members cannot be held responsible in any way for injuries, loss or damage that may
        occur at any function organised by the Club. The Committee cannot be held responsible for any
        financial loss the Club may incur.
9.1. The Constitution may only be amended by a two thirds majority of the Club Members present at
        an Annual General meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.
9.2. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Chairman or by request signed by at least
        ten Members or half the total of Members, whichever is the smallest. At least two weeks’ notice
        of such a meeting shall be given, specifying any proposals to be placed before the Meeting.

10. In the case of the Club ceasing to function, all Club property will be disposed of and after paying
       all outstanding debts, the balance will be passed to the Sussex District of the English Folk Dance
       and Song Society.